Sunday, March 6, 2016

Love Your Home Challenge: Day 8 Pamper Yourself.

I did it! I'm so excited.

I've read Melissa Michael's charming little book: Love the Home You Have. (Not an affiliate link, but it should be.) In the back, she has a thirty day Love Your Home Challenge which Melissa is now hosting on her blog, The Inspired Room.

Somehow, I missed Week One, unfortunately. Too busy cleaning and decluttering! But I have decided to jump right in where we are.

Melissa writes:

Day 8 – Pamper Yourself: Make at least part of today all about YOU. What is one thing you always WISH you could do for yourself that you never seem to have time for? Today, make time for the bubble bath, paint your nails or enjoy coffee and a good book.

I don't know about you, but I don't like assignments like this sprung on me. Anything beyond a coffee and a good book takes some planning. Even popping down to the grocery store to get some flowers takes time.

Flowers. Wait.

I know! I have been sitting on ordering some fabric to make pillows for a Spring Sofa pillowscape.  I still love and want the fabric after twenty four hours (its been more like 72 since I saw the possibilities and fell in love with it.)

So, I pulled the trigger. It is the fabric beneath the title card of the post. Sakura Green Tea, to be precise.

Buying something I love is rare for me. Especially expensive fabric. Oooh, I can't wait.

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t said...

Gorgeous! Good for you!

Janina Laird said...

The fabric is beautiful. After a long winter (hey, I know where you live and winter is a lot colder and longer than where I live now!), you deserve this!

Yesterday, I thought about bringing out my spring dogwood and puss willow branches. Spring isn't here yet but I know it's going to get here eventually. Why not at least pretend for a bit, right?

All the bloggers from down south are already talking about all the work and planting they're doing in their gardens! Egads! It's but a dream for us up here in Canada. Why not join in with some 'flowers' inside our homes? We hate being left out!

I can't wait to see the pillows.

Alana in Canada said...

I'll be breaking out my pussy willows this week. Spring is about a month early and I'm so glad!

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