Saturday, February 20, 2016

Week 5. Cleaning The Bedroom: The Joy of Habits and Routine

This last week, the challenge at A Bowl Full of Lemons was to declutter and clean the master bedroom.

It was basically a free week.

I cleaned the room within an inch of its life during the January Cure--rotating the mattress, changing the linens--I even took the curtains down and washed them.

Since then, I've been following the 20 minute task for 30 days cleaning schedule from AT: and because of it, I've cleaned the mirrors and the inside of the window. I've also changed the sheets, dusted and swiffered twice. Each. The bedroom has never been so clean! The only thing I did especially for this challenge was to wash the sofa cover and pillow covers on this couch. (It's essentially the dog's bed.)

But I also have a daily routine which I've developed over time--and it keeps the bedroom humming along pretty well.

It starts when I go to bed--and it starts with this chair.

I love this old chair. I found it almost exactly like this at a flea market. Chris has had to reglue the legs back on more than once.

The purpose of this chair might surprise you.

It is not for sitting. It is much too frail for that.

This chair is for my clothes.

I usually just drape my clothes over the seat. I'll hook my bra onto the back. My PJ's are right there--hanging on the back of the bedroom door.

In the morning, after hitting the alarm, I put on my slippers--and leave the room. I don't come back until it is time to get dressed--and that's when the magic happens.

I make the bed.

I really enjoy making my bed. It's a simple thing to do: it's quick and it makes me happy twice over: Right when I make it, of course--and then when I come back to it hours later and crawl in.

After I make the bed, I get dressed. (Sometimes it is the other way around--like when I'm wet and wearing a towel after my shower.) Either I put on the clothes on the chair--or I put on new ones. But I tidy up the chair. The clothes have aired--either it is time to put them away--or throw them in the hamper.

I have one drawer in this chest.

and all the drawers in this chest.

Then, I putz about and pick up any trash on the floor. (The dog pulls it out of the basket.) I hang up our pj's (unless, rarely, hubs has hung his up already).

I put in my earrings.

My daughter made this colourful piece and I love it! This is the best way I know how to make it useful.

Then, I gather up any extra water glasses or other dishes, grab my socks and book if I'm working that day, and then leave to do my make up.

It's a little tidying routine--kicked off by making the bed.

Unless my husband is in it.

My husband has been home since January 11th with vertigo. He's often still in bed when it is time for me to get dressed. So, I can't do my little bedroom routine.

In fact, that's how I became aware it is not just a routine--but a habit. I haven't been able to do it --and I've noticed! I've missed it.

I'm not sure when I started this little routine--it's been years--so I can't tell you how long it has been since it became a habit. I am just grateful it is--and I wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't been prevented from being able to do it.

Funny that it works that way.

Next in the series is the Master Closet. Again, thanks to AT, I don't have much to do there, either.

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