Friday, February 26, 2016

A Project at Mom's: Tool Organization. A Job Well Begun... a job half done.

When I last talked about this little project, I mentioned that this window needed to be properly sealed up. Unfortunately, it proved beyond my meager capabilities. I had plans which involved insulation and cardboard and plastic--but, in the end, it wouldn't have been mouse proof. Mom's handyman said he could seal it up with a plywood board--so I am going to let him do that.

But, meanwhile, we need a place to put the tools!

It really only took a couple of hours to go from this:

to this:

as you can see, because of the ductwork, I couldn't use the last shelf. I could not move it to the left either as other pipes were in the way as well.

I labeled all the containers so it will be easy to get things out--and, hopefully, return them.

I haven't actually seen my mother in about six weeks, so this was a fun little project to do together.

We need to organize all the screws and hooks and table legs and drapery hardware and the other one and a half million things she has. But one step at a time. We need to make room, first.

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