Monday, April 20, 2015

The Organiz-a-thon is Done!

Such a great project.

Presented as a class with an emphasis on action, Simplify 101 offered me a chance to get some organizing done in my study which I am overhauling as part of the One Room Challenge. Participating in the forum with its built in accountability and encouragement from classmates was absolutely wonderful.

Here are the Befores.

I decluttered, again, as I went. (I'd decluttered as I had packed everything up, too.)

I got most of everything out of the living room and into the Expedit on Friday night.

Those boxes on the side are destined for the basement. Yes, it needs to be organized down there!

Saturday, after work, I worked on the China cabinet.

I lined the back with photocopies of pages from a children's dictionary. So sweet.

That's just white paper on the shelves.

Ever since I painted the door black, something about this view has bothered me.

Yes, they are both dark. Yes, the heights are wonky. But wait--the muntins--perhaps they're not getting along with each other?

So, since they were easily removed, I removed them.

Then, very carefully, I loaded it back up.

Sunday, I had a meeting over at my Mom's with a fellow bidding on some work in the morning and I had to work in the afternoon, so I set myself an easy task: pack up and distribute the stuff not staying in the room.

Some of it went back to the basement to be stored, some of it was wrapped and boxed up for sale, and some of it went straight into the donation station. I'm happy to say I got it all done! This is that last 10% of a project I find so difficult to do.

Then, I rewarded myself with some styling of the Expedit.

It was a great weekend!


Carol-Anne said...

You are amazing! (such a good idea with the china cabinet doors)

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks Carol-Anne! So good to hear from you.

t said...

Looks great! Good work - things are really coming along.

Janina Laird said...

Alana, I'm betting that you grin from ear to ear each time you walk in there! There is nothing more satisfying than a job well done. Especially, when the task is as difficult as one requiring decluttering. At least for me, that is one DIFFICULT task.

I say "Bravo!" and please take a bow, sit down and relax while enjoying your room!

Thank-you for sharing. Your explanations of the 'hows and whys' are helpful to me, both with the planning and how to avoid some of the pitfalls.

Alana in Canada said...

Thank, t!

Janina, that is very kind of you. I'm putzing along.....

Anonymous said...

I think if you painted your door, china cabinet and walls white then they would recede into the background making the room look much larger rather.

Anne At Large said...

Lovely work Alana, glad to see you still plugging away and having such success!

Alana in Canada said...

Anonymous, that is true. It may be an option once the table is no longer white. However, I do like contrast and rooms that scew moremasculine than feminine--an all white room would peronally be uncomfortable.

I have actually been thinking that by going with a light colour I went the wrong direction in this room and that I really should have gone off-black or dark navy.

Anne--so good to hear from you. Thanks. I am still having fun.

Anonymous said...

i thought u will paint back and shelves green....
liked ur paintings

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