Thursday, April 9, 2015

ORC Week 2: The Painted Room

This week, the second in the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda of Calling it Home was all about the paint. 

I am the world's messiest painter. 

But before we get into that, I need you to know something.

I fell in love this week.


Isn't she beeyootiful?

Both my husband and my daughter said it was "too modern" (my son said it was boring) and when West Elm converted American dollars to Canadian (adding about 30% to the price) plus the shipping, what was barely affordable (and on sale!) became out of reach.

so, I let it go.

I am sad.

For the first few days after we painted, I wondered if I'd done the right thing going with the barest off-white instead of a happy blue-green. I had been going back and forth on it until I saw that Jonathan Adler--of all people--has light white walls.

Then I was happy again. No more goldy yellow!

(Though my husband and I both agree this is a very odd colour in this room--sometimes it looks pink, and sometimes like cantaloupe.)

What was once the desk wall now sports a rather nekkid Expedit,

and where the Expedit once was is now a random assortment of my leftover furniture.

Actually, I loved the colour when I first painted it--it was an excellent choice to bring together my white Ikea furniture and my dark walnut china cabinet.

Yes, I painted that old pine door black. I am going back and forth on that, too. And we painted the baseboards. No waffling on that. Best. Thing. Ever.

Because now, I am wondering what to do about that china cabinet!

It's a nice piece. I like its straight forward lines. But it has always been just a tad too precious.

But, how about painting it....say.....Tardis blue?

Or, dark blue--with a different colour inside?

I cannot tell you how much I love this emerald green:

I love this grey? blue? and coral combination:

Of course, there's always the option to go white with hidden depths:

I have no idea what I'm doing or where I am going. 

I am researching (affordable!) options for a table, a light fixture, and a comfy chair. I'm also keeping my eyes peeled for a rug (which I may paint). I don't really have a to do list for this challenge or a pre-set direction. I am willing to let things come together more or less organically. So far, I am enjoying it.

But, there's a really strong chance this whole laissez-faire approach is going to bite me.

Catch up with the professionals here and the gate crashers here.


t said...

I love the door painted black - it kind of vanishes and isn't such a focal point. And every room can use some black.

I would keep the china cabinet as it is...maybe just paint or use wallpaper on the inside for some color. Once you have your drapes and accessories in place it won't look so serious.

Anonymous said...

I love the black door. I wouldn't paint the china cabinet. I would keep out as much furniture and stuff as possible. Only put in what is essential. Edit, edit, edit!

Alana in Canada said...

t and anonymous-thanks for the compliments on the door. I am going to mull over the china cabinet. Originally I had thought I would change the room over to being mostly neutral--but the things on the Expedit are so colourful! Changing out all the boxes to neutrals would be quite the undertaking. Lots yet to do before I decide on it!

Robin, Home and Atelier said...

I think going with the flow, organic design is often the best ... it truly represents how you feel rather than how you plan on something being. Trust your instincts. I love the black door and have wanted a few myself. And it will go so well with whatever pop of colors you choose for the furniture. Now I need to get back to my ORC project :) Robin

Anastasia Inspiderwiht said...

I wonder when 1800s style incandescent bulbs became "too modern"... haha.

My vote is for painting the cabinet, personally.
I LOVE the coral/bluish colour scheme, but I think that "tardis" blue (heh) or a variation (the lighter blue inside is a gorgeous idea) would probably tie in better with the colours you have. Assuming those navy chairs are going to be hanging around.

Looking great so far!

Alana in Canada said...

Robin--thanks for the love for the black door. It is taking some getting used to.

Anastasia--Not sure about the navy chairs, actually. But I am glad for the vote for painting the cabinet. I may take the chickens way out and try a colour inside the cabinet first--but that could just draw too much attention to the junk inside. Also thinking hard about new hardware.

MMarie said...

I've been anxiously awaiting to see what you've been working on! Personally I love the idea of painting your cabinet a fun pop of color. You could always start with primer before deciding on a color. I too have an old piece of furniture (a small table) that I've finally decided to paint a pop of color, once I determine my color scheme for our family room.

Sam @ Away She Went said...

I love the door painted black and I love the idea to paint the cabinet a fun color! Can't wait to see your progress next week!

Delia said...

Hi Alana. You made much progress! I love the painted black door. Should you decide on painting the cabinet, I hope you go with your heart. I also looove that emerald green, by the way :-) Good luck finishing up.

Erin @ the-organized-life said...

First- sorry about the light fixture. It's always a bummer when price has to play a role in our decisions. On a brighter note, I love the black door and I really love your ideas for the china cabinet. I think painting it in a fun color looks amazing. Can't wait to see what you decide to do.

t said...

Alana - here is a fun idea for a hutch:

Alana in Canada said...

t--thank you so much! I love that idea. Now I wish I hadn't thrown out our extra set of white pages! I love the columns of text.
Erin--I am still on the hunt! I just may have found something suitable--and well within my price range! Fingers crossed.
Delia and Sam--thank you so much! As soon as I get the lighting sorted, I'll know what to do next. (Cross fingers.)

Rita Ramstad said...

I have been out of the loop, but glad to get back in to see what you're doing in this room. I really like the black door. I like the light walls. (We've lightened up our living room walls, and I really like it. Not white, but almost white.) I really like that light fixture. And all of your inspiration photos. Really looking forward to seeing what you do here.

C a i t l i n said...

Yes! on those crisp newly painted baseboards and yes please! on painting that cabinet. It'll look great. -Caitlin

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