Friday, January 3, 2014

Goals: January 2014

Are we back to normal, yet?

You know I like to set monthly goals. A year seems too big, and though I do hope to weigh fifty or more pounds less at the end of 2014 than I do, now, at its beginning, I am not making that a goal. A number on a scale is not in my control--only my behaviours are--and those I need to address daily, for now.

However, in the spirit of expanding this blog to include other aspects of my life, I am going to include goals for my health and my hobby in addition to my home this time.


1. Complete every day of the Jumpstart program by the end of the first week of February--and do what comes from it, thereafter.

2. Start the Whole30 on January 2nd and complete it.

3. Begin working out everyday: develop and establish a stretching routine, a strength routine and a cardio regime.

4. Record my efforts daily, looking for those "small wins."


I made up a list of things to do based on a yearly cleaning and organizing schedule. This is from that list:

1. Take down Christmas decorations and record thoughts about the 2013 season.

2. Paint the master bedroom.

3. Clean and organize the laundry room.

4. Clean oven.

5. Clean Kitchen ceiling


In case it isn't clear: I am a scrap booker. I love putting together photos and stories: perhaps it is the former journalist in me. Anyway, I must organize this year's digital photos and begin again the process of catching up with rating and categorizing my past digital photos. The system I follow is one I learned just this past Spring in the Library of Memories class taught by Stacey Julian.

So, for January, specifically:

1. One layout based on the year long 12 Themes class I'm taking. This month, the theme is Seasons.

2. At least 1 layout based on the Project Life class I am taking (a monthly overview?)

3. Star rate and categorize January to June 2013 pictures (or more.)

4. Finish up Move More Eat Well Layouts for 2013.

As always, I will let you know how it goes.

Have you any goals you're working on?


onshore said...

It sounds much better to have small bite size steps to take than the huge elephant on the end of the year.

I'm still interested to hear all your thoughts about organizing and housekeeping but I don't mind hearing about your other interests too.

Alana in Canada said...

Thank you! You are so kind to me. I appreciate your friendship, so much.

Rita@thissortaoldlife said...

I so much prefer the idea of monthly goals to year-long ones. And I'm interested in all 3 topics you've posted here.

My big goal is to keep a written to-do list for all the little tasks I seem to continually mess up. I started doing it at work this fall when I started a new job, and it made such a difference there.

I began by cleaning out a desk (well, still working on that two days later) and instead of stopping to do tasks as I discovered them, I started just making a list. That way, I didn't get side-tracked, and I'll be able to prioritize them. I spend too much time on tasks that are urgent but not important.

That's all I've really got on tap now, but I'm good with it.

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