Friday, November 8, 2013

The Christmas Manifesto


There's the four of us under this roof. Then there's my Mother and my nephew. And my daughter's friends. Some of my best memories of Christmas involve my daughter, a friend and me baking and decorating cookies in the kitchen. I think a baking party with her two best friends would be wonderful.


I love spending time with everyone all together, all at once. It can be tough, these days. Maybe this will be the year we finally read the Settlers of Cataan instructions and figure out how to play it?

Peace and Joy.

Of course. But it means more. It means--stress free. Relax. Take a chill pill. It means that anyone can tell anyone else: give me a minute. Let me calm down. I want you to calm down. I'm sorry. I'll get right on that.


Self-explanatory. With two teenagers who don't get along at the best of time, a Mom adjusting to working at a job, outside the home, for the first time since becoming a Mom 16 years ago, and a Dad who probably will work lots of hours everyday and without a day off a physically demanding job between now and Christmas eve, it will be a challenge to keep this family cheerfully doing things together in an atmosphere of peace and joy.

But, that's the goal.
Isn't it ever?


thefarmersdaughter said...

Hi again! I'm going to catch up reading your posts this week.... things look great!

Linda said...

Sounds to me as though you are in a very good place in life. Enjoyed your 31 Days series very much, thanks for the encouragement! Hope you enjoy the preparations for celebration this month.

onshore said...

Good goals, keep things simple and it will happen.

Rita@thissortaoldlife said...

These things are so much more important to a good holiday than decorations and gifts. Love this post.

Alana in Canada said...

Thank you so much for your support, you guys! It means a lot. I've been absolutely rushed off my feet this week. I am so thankful for you cyber-friendship!

Marian said...

Oh, you just HAVE to learn how to play
Settlers of Catan!! It's our family's favourite game :)

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