Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Being Real

My living room this afternoon. I'd just mopped the floor. Things echoed and I felt a strong urge to paint my walls.

I am so far behind in what I'd wanted to get done for today's post, that I considered not even posting at all. But, what use is that to anyone?

Time management is a precious skill--and I am still learning that my time is not my own 24/7 anymore. Between work, the kids, my husband, and the house, it seems I use all my "free" time for sleeping!

I had thought I would do my fall cleaning this month--in the living room and the kitchen. I sent the living room rug out to be cleaned--and it came back last week. Yes. Last week. We have been tripping over it for exactly seven days.

I did get my living room windows cleaned and the screens vacuumed before our first snowfall, thank goodness.

The view from my living room window, Nov 4, 2013. This snow will stay.

But, I haven't yet got the storm windows up and the screens down at the back of the house. It's really cold by those windows. (I usually put plastic up on the inside, too, to help insulate them.) Let's just say you don't really want to linger long in that downstairs bathroom.

But, the worst thing of all? Yesterday, I decided on a whim, just to pull out everything that looked (or smelled) nasty from the fridge.

Isn't that awful?

All of that was festering while I wrote my "How to stay organized" series. I looked at that and felt like a fraud.

But that's life, isn't it?

I'm not upset. I am not stressed. And I'm certainly not a fraud. Some weeks are just better than others. I'll figure it out, soon, I hope. I feel a bit frazzled to get the carpet down and the brown drapes up--I'm expecting a couple of service guys to come and clean our furnace soon.

Kinda sums up my two days off this week--and I sure do love that sunlight.
But oddly enough, I am enjoying this season of busyness.
Well, this week. 


Rita@thissortaoldlife said...

Sometimes, I remember with such longing the abundance of free time I had as a kid and young teen-ager--when I made lots of crafts and read lots of books and played with friends all the time.

Yes, my "free" time is much more scarce now. Some weeks, I really chafe against that. And I, too, have weeks in which the refrigerator goes rogue and big things wait for me for days. And during those weeks, the only thing that might truly lift my head (and spirits) is a slice of sunlight across a stack of clean dishes, or a dog sleeping soundly in a nest of soft blankets, or a child lost in the pages of a book. Then I remember that it's all really OK, just as it is.

onshore said...

Wow that rug is big! That could never be washed on your own.

But what's the rush, if your family members would have found the rug too irritating they could have put that in place and food item on the floor that are going to the trash do not need to be hurried. Things sometime take a little time. I think it's important that you did those things anyway.

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