Friday, February 15, 2013

My Creative Space

One of my goals this year is to awaken my long dormant creativity. I am taking two classes this month to help me along. (I would not have chosen to take these classes at the same time, but that's when they were available!)

The first is Photo Freedom taught by Stacy Julian from Big Picture Classes. Yikes! Is that going to be a ton of work! The second is Organize Your Creative Space by Aby Garvey from Simplify101.

My creative space is my dining room/home office. This room:

Photo from 2011

Most of my scrapbooking supplies are actually in the Expedit.

Photo taken today.

A few more are downstairs in the basement. They're primarily in (and on!) this dresser and these two old stacked pine IKEA units.

There are also different scrapbook projects in the cases on the shelves to the right of the table. (Under that green cloth is my miniature house project I haven't seen in 16 years!)

(I took this photo last year after working on it for a month last year. Shortly after I set up this space to work, my husband and my son turned it into a place to play video games. This is how it looks today! I need to spend some time down here and create a better set up.)


When I last took a scrapbooking class--and thus knew I'd be scrapping for ten weeks or so--I set up my dining room like this:


Everything right within reach. It worked really well.

Of course, this is all cleaned up! This is how things really looked at Christmas while I was putting together the scrapbook calendar:

My problem is, I can't leave the room set up to scrapbook all the time. Never mind the chaos, I need this room for many other things as well.

For example, in my photo Freedom class, I'll be sorting photographs on the table:

For a while, it seems!

So, the challenge for me will be how to figure out how to do scrapbook pages in a casual way, a way that doesn't involve radically changing the dining room but still lets me get a page done now and then.

That would make me happy.


onshore said...

I took the Creative workspace workshop last time it was on and I liked it a lot. It was very inspirational. But it did not change the fact that after each project there is always a big cleaning session. But I do have way better sets for my crafting. And it's so much easier to start and finish a project.

Noreen Smith said...

Hey Alana!
I am loving how organized YOU are! It's a challenge to stay organized when you have a multi-purpose room. The post you visited on my blog shows the scrap room in my former house...I'm not quite as organized in my present house! I'll have to clean it up and post more photos! Are you thinking of taking the Organizing FUNdamentals course at Big Picture later this spring? See you on the FPF message boards!

Saver Chic said...

Ahhh! Your workspace looks heavenly. Inspiring me to spruce up my work area too. :-)

thefarmersdaughter said...

I think it looks great- crazy organized!

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks everyone--it doesn't feel all that terribly organized...but I guess it is, sort of. My Mom called to ask me if I had a heart punch and I went right to the basement drwer where I keep them--and forgot all about some in a box in the expedit. Having stuff in two places is a bit crazy making.

Rita@thissortaoldlife said...

I love your scrapbooking space! Right in front of windows, in a nice, open room. My problem is I love setting up spaces more than actually doing the crafts. :-)

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