Saturday, February 23, 2013

My Creative Space: Inspiration

I've been pinning inspiration photos of craft spaces and sewing rooms and scrap rooms and studios like mad for the past few months.

When I went to identify what I liked about those spaces, however, to identify what was attractive to me and made me want to create, I found the cupboard bare.

I didn't actually pin beautiful, heart quickening spaces.

This was the sort of thing I was pinning:

Neat, beautifully organized, highly functional, and an efficient use of space. But it doesn't make my heart sing.

This does:

and this:

I don't know why, but this nearly made me cry. (I think I was up past my bed-time):
I think I had such a strong reaction just because it is so obviously a space designed for creativity--for the openess and clarity of mind one needs to bring to the process--not the stuff, not the things--but the essence, the spirit.
I am somewhat surprised by the lack of colour in these spaces, but then again, scrap booking,which is my current major hobby is consumed with colour--at least for me. So having a creative space which emphasizes textures and balances light and dark elements as exquisitly as these do, seems natural to me.
Here are my takeaways:
1) Large work surface. Huge table--not a desk.
2) Tons of natural light, please!
3) Materials: natural wood. Painted wood. Distressed finishes. A little bit of metal. Wicker. Interesting task lights. Kind of industrial turn of the century-factory-like looking.
4) The containers match. There's an extreme cohesiveness to everything on display.
5) There's an open, airy feel in all these images. Ther's a fair bit of white space--and in all these spaces it is, actually, white!


onshore said...

So first you were pinning good storage systems and then inspiring spaces. Quite a difference. I too love that image from Vosgesparis, I can imagine architects working there. Perhaps they have most of their storage hidden. Love the industrial feel in many of the pictures.
Good takeaways, I think you've narrowed it down quite nicely.

Carol-Anne said...

I agree that often it's better to have your 'creative space' be a subdued colour, because the materials you use will be full of colour and it may end up being a bit overwhelming and cluttered feeling.

I can't imagine having that much space to work with for a crafting/creative room!

Alana in Canada said...

Onshore--Thank you! I am wondering how to use what I have in the dining room to approximate the feel. (Swap out Green Kasset boxes for natural fiber, maybe?) But function is first, as always!

Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

I love the pics of the large tables. One of the things I crave, if I ever get a space of my own in our next house (ha), is an enormous table. In our last house my desk was actually a dining table, and oh how I loved it. It seemed so ready for creativity, just waiting for me to come up with something awesome.

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