Thursday, June 28, 2012

William Morris and Adding to the Gallery Wall

Long time readers may be asking; gallery wall, what gallery wall? The last time I wrote about it, I hadn't finalised it, and then, when I did, I didn't take any pictures.

I wanted to include my re-constructed slip cover on the sofa in the pictures for best effect.

But I never put the slipcover back on the sofa.

Because I never finished reconstructing the too-big store bought slip cover.

So, things have looked like this for a very long time.

Sorry for the poor photo. I took it late at night.

It didn't feel right.

One night last week, it hit me: it wasn't balanced. That tall torchiere to the right (usually closer to the sofa) just didn't have the chops to balance the wall hanging. And, as is usually the case in decorating dilemnas, diagnosing the problem suggested the solution. A tall column of something to the right would likely do the trick, I thought, but what?

Picture frames, obviously: and I had three in the basement.

I thought about searching on-line for some botanical prints, but it's summer and the sun just happened to be shining. I headed out to the back yard to snap some pictures of the flowers on our cranberry bush.

They were gone. When had that happened?

So, I found some others and then played around with them in pic monkey.
I think this is wild dill weed.

 A marigold, obviously. Planted with the tomatoes.

 I have no idea. A pretty purple weed everyhere.

I had them professionally printed. Then, I mounted them on black cardstock and slipped them into black frames and hung them on the wall.

Um. No.
No. no. no. no. never. no.

We need whitish mats. Stat. Out of cardstock. I made a prototype. I was astonished to realise I didn't have to do anything to the photos.

sorry about the red: that's a reflection from my shirt in the glass.

In fact, they look even better.

On the wall:

and in the room:

Now, on to that slipcover.

Wait a sec. Didn't Jules post about her "Salon wall" for the William Morris project last week?

Am I simply following in her footsteps?

If so, lead on,'s working for me!


Angeline said...

Love the photography! I thought the purple flower was phlox - my mom told me when they were kids (and playing tea party outside), they called it "snake weed"! :)

Rita@thissortaoldlife said...

The white mats make such a difference! My partner is an artist/photographer and tells me white mats are the only ones anyone should ever use--puts the focus on the image. Your photos are beautiful, and the white really does set them off.

Anne At Large said...

Love it! Your wild dill weed looks like cow parsley from here, a member of the carrot family and potentially very poisonous, so don't taste it!

The white border makes a big difference, good eye!

Alice Almighty said...

I am simply not brave enough to hang a wall full of pictures. They always seem so daunting, I've never perfected the formula for getting a mix of things that is friendly but not too matchy. Nice job!!!

Lisa @ Trapped In North Jersey said...

ME TOO! I am thisclose to finishing the wall, but you know, I've been thisclose for a few weeks now. Yours is lovely--I like the addition of the photos. The mats really set the photos off.

Alana in Canada said...

Thank you everyone. I encourage evryone to finish that gallery all--or at least move it along another notch. It's quick and fun. Well, relatively quick and more fun than painting.

May said...

There you go! Now you have the balance you needed. Isn't pic monkey fun?

clydewoman said...

Thanks for the inspiration! The perfect picture arrangement is so tricky! I never seem to be happy with what I come up with. i love your mixture of shapes and overall flow. Maybe I will be brave enough to hang stuff on my walls now? :)

Tiffany @ No Ordinary Homestead said...

The white mats really do make a huge difference. I'm going to have to remember that when we start decorating in the new apartment. We have a very long hallway off our main living rooms and it is just screaming to be covered with photos and keepsakes!

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