Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Holiday Weekend

This is the first holiday weekend of summer.

Or, rather, it is supposed to be.

When I lived in Ontario, it was known as the "Two-four" weekend.


Cases of beer come with 24 bottles (or cans) in that province. Get a case and barbecue. Or head to the Beach. Or both. We didn't do any barbecuin' this weekend.

Here, it is known as the "Gardening weekend."
It happens to correspond with our first frost free date.


But there was one small drop of hope.


Mella DP said...

Oh dear. Oh dear.

What's the holiday? Ours is this coming weekend (and I'm going to Boston, yay!).

scb said...

Victoria Day in the snow! ACK! There oughta be a law. Grumble grumble, grumble. Hope it melts fast, and may that be the last of it until November!

P.S. please see my post "I object" about the library having or having not The Once and Future King".

Colleen said...

good lord you poor thing! I'm just looking forward to hanging out over our upcoming holiday weekend. hanging out and maybe plotting my couch reupholstery project. I'll spend at least a portion of each day doing a melting dance for you!

lorijo said...

oh my is right. Although it's nicer here- we are getting very little done- the MR. is asleep on the sofa as I write this!
Take care

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