Tuesday, May 19, 2009

His Turn

The Strawberry Shortcake Cake disappeared all too quickly, even though I had to actually ask my husband if he liked it. He had the audacity to refuse my offers of a second piece after supper. And then again he refused one before bed. You know what he said? He said he didn't want to go nuts eating it as I'd spent three hours making it.

So, it was most definitely time to bake another treat. One that wouldn't take me three hours. And hey, it was the long weekend. But this time, I decided I'd put the boy through his paces as my sous-chef.

I turned to another recipe from the Pioneer Woman: Sigrid's Carrot Cake. It was interesting to compare the cream cheese icing recipes. Both contained the same amount of cream cheese, but different amounts of butter and icing sugar. I preferred this one: lots and lots of the creamy cheesy taste.

Baking with a boy is a little different than baking with a girl. The boy isn't all that interested in creaming and mixing things. But, using a knife? And a grater?

Yes. Tools.

He grated.

And grated.

He gave it his greatest effort.

It looked wonderful.

It took forever to bake though. That might have been because I was roasting a chicken on the bottom rack while this baked above. I had to keep inserting a knife into the center.

Needless to say, it fell. When I asked my Mom "how can I keep my cakes from falling?" she just shrugged.

Oops. Looks like there might be a bit of painting to do.

By the time I thought to take the picture, we'd already, ahem, had dessert. With seconds. And my Mom took the middle "fallen" bit. "More icing," she said.

It makes a great breakfast too.


scb said...

Mmmmm.. I used to love carrot cake! Especially with the icing being very cream-cheesy. Mmmmm...

I think it would be having to open the oven so many times to check on the "done-ness" of the cake that would make it fall. But as your Mom said, there's more icing on that part, so it's really a treat!

A friend of mine loves carrot cake, and once asked a friend of hers who excelled at that particular variety of cake, for the recipe. When first friend saw how much grated carrot was called for, she set aside the recipe and never ever tried it! (And is it only coincidence that my word verification is "shames"???)

Alana in Canada said...

Oh--it would be a shame if you can't eat carrot cake anymore!

Thanks for the tip about opening a closing the oven door causing it to "fall." I didn't know that could contribute but it would explain it! I'm constantly, obsessively checking. This cake was particularily bad, though!

Christine in DC said...

I think lots of things can cause falling--including things like beating too much or vibration (and temperature fluctuations). Oh, listen to me...as if I actually know anything about baking. This is like something my dad would say--as if he knew!!! It looks yummy! And, frankly, i like the icing solution!!!

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