Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's Heating Up.


Double digit temperatures are such a cheap (but capricious) drug! I cannot believe how beautiful it is out there.

And that means I am compelled to make it beautiful in here, as well.
If I weren't already motivated enough, this show would do it. "How Clean Is Your House?" Do watch the British Episodes before the American. They're further back. (I actually can't stand the American shows.)

After watching a few episodes, I tackled this on Friday.

I made up my own cleaning solution based on their advice: baking soda, mixed with enough dishwashing liquid to form a thickish paste and a drop of warm water. Wearing my rubber gloves, I just smeared it on.

Positively brilliant. No nasty fumes. No horrible skin-eating spray dribbling down my arms. In fact, it's so safe, I could even welcome this little helper; my nephew.

Cleaning the oven?
Child's play.


Sarah Von said...

Ooooh, that´s fantastically clean! And what a delicious little helper.

scb said...

Wow! I'm incredibly impressed! (and what a sweet little helper!)

I'm scared to watch that "How Clean is Your House" show. Because mine isn't.

The temp was supposedly 11 C today, but with the wind it didn't feel very warm to me... it was cloudy and rainy the little while I was out. But if it's warmer where you are, then it's going to be warmer where I am, and when (if) this wretched cold goes away, I'll be able to enjoy it!


Anne (in Reno) said...

Nice! You may have inspired me to do the same,my oven needs it too (sigh). I won't have as cute of a helper though. Also it was 70 yesterday for the egg hunt and it's supposed to snow tomorrow again...

Christine in DC said...

I love shows like that!

Cute nephew!!! Can he come to my house next?

lorijo said...

that show always makes me feel better about my housekeeping! Great tip on the stove cleaner- thank you.
That nephew of yours sure is cute! Enjoy the warm. It's going to snow here again :(

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