Friday, May 12, 2017

Plucking the Low Hanging Fruit.

Assignment #2.

Go through the rooms of your house with a trash bag and just remove items you know you do not want. Sort the bag (or bags) into donate/trash/recycling when you are done. (paraphrased)

This is an excellent assignment. I have given it to my Mom several times--though I may have limited the scope to one room--or, when it comes to her basement, whatever she can reach.

As the main living spaces of my home are pretty well sorted, (though an absolute mess due to the One Room Challenge), I will be doing this assignment in my basement.

At the bottom of the stairs, this is what you see:

To the left (and most of what you see) is the stroage area (yeah, I know). To the right is the workshop. 

Looking at the Wall of Shelves:

(To the left in the floor plan above.)

This is the main area which needs work. But the other areas are pretty bad, too.

Game room and furnace:

Laundry Room and Pantry:

I never photograph the workshop (at my husband's request) and though it needs a clean out--it is not my domain!

But this area by the stairs (to the right of the drawer unit above) is certainly within my purview:

I just dashed through the basement...looking for anything I no longer wanted, just grabbing it quickly, looking for a quick win. I was on fire. I only spent about an hour down there. Here's the haul I took to Value Village.

There's more for the Eco-Station (batteries, inks, CFLs, and the like) and the animal shelter. I'll do that before the week is out.

A good start, I think.

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MMarie said...

You inspired me once again Alana! Thus weekend i quickly went through my huge pile of give aways / items to sell online. I loaded the donations into the car and dropped them off on Saturday. I then photographed and posted about 10 things online. Only 1 item sold so I may have more donations in a few days. My garage/family room no longer has the huge pile and for that Inam very grateful!

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