Friday, July 1, 2016

Decluttering the Donation Station

oops, the last time I did this was in March!

I meant to do it every month-- but working over at my Mom's place this Spring: decluttering her porch and then decorating her powder room meant I haven't been doing a whole lot here at home.

I started tripping over stuff while I was doing laundry, so I figured a run to Value Village was in order.

My donation station is in my basement laundry room underneath the folding table. A great place to catch clothes I don't want anymore! 

I also took the paint cans I'd decluttered from the paint cabinet, oh, back in March, to the eco-centre!

And there we have it.
I feel like the house can breathe again.

That box contains old towels and such for the Animal Shelter. I didn't have time to get there today.

Now I can start decluttering afresh.

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