Thursday, May 12, 2016

ORC 6: Presenting Mom's Totally Glam Powder Room

For the last eight weeks, my Mom and I have been working on the small powder room on her main floor. She had started before Christmas with ripping down old wallpaper and having new vinyl tile floors installed. I was working on a design plan and starting to order a few things when I decided to take this project and do it as a One Room Challenge.

Here's the story so far:

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ORC 4: The Roller Coaster

In many ways, I wish I hadn't taken this on. The pace of the challenge eats up every spare minute. It adds stress to an already stressful situation. But heavens, what if we had not done this room as a one room challenge? I'd have quit somewhere around week four or five. And then Mom would not now have this:

Here's where we began in earnest:

The floor, sink, faucet, toilet and shelf are all that remain.

We aren't quite done.

We still have to finish the top edge of the tile with some wood trim, painted to match the bottom. Like so:

It will finish the room beautifully.

When we started the project, you couldn't get into the bathroom on the sink side. We'd put an old Billy bookcase in the doorway--it just fit--in order to create a "closet" for much needed storage. However, we needed more room while we were working and removed it somewhere around week three or four. Both of us loved it instantly.

The light fixture was my Mother's day gift to my Mom. Is that weird?

We discovered two things when we installed the light fixture two days ago. 1) The hole was a bit too big for this fixture, and 2) it was not centered over the sink. The solution to both of these problems wasn't something we felt we could do in two days!

Here is that wall from the other angle.

You can see the two pieces of art we chose from Minted.

Mom calls this one Venice: (That may actually be its official name.)

We bought this framed. I added the thin line of gold to the outer edge.

This one is The Long Road. (Officially.)

It's beside the Roman shade on the wall, opposite the fixtures:

It was really hard to get a good shot of this. Mom made it. She says the Waverly fabric is another "work of art." I totally agree.

I love that we hung it almost at the ceiling: we can see more of that fabric!

The mirror was a last minute find from Value Village. I could not resist it, even though installing it presented a huge challenge. It has so much character!

The towel rack was another value village score for $2.99! Bonus: it was already bronze--and acrylic! So old it's new again!

So, here are a few more pretty shots before I take a really long nap.

And that's a wrap.

Thank you to everyone who cheered me on these past six weeks. I really appreciate it. The featured designers inspired me each and every week to keep going and remain true to my vision. It was wonderful knowing that even the professionals experience setbacks and hiccups. You really should check out their works here.

And one of the reasons the One Room Challenge is so worth doing is the company of many, many others, just like me, doing the same impossible things at all levels of complexity and budget. Check them out here, too. I am going to try and get to them all.

And most of all, thanks to Linda for hosting this incredible event.

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Wilma Hovius said...

congratulations!! you're the best daughter ever. i love the attention to detail and the light fixture. congrats again on a great outcome and being FINISHED (well, basically, haha). YAY.

Christina O said...

It's so gorgeous, you did an awesome job! That mirror looks like it was made for the room. (Being a minimalist, I think that was a perfect Mother's Day gift.) :)

Carol-Anne said...

It's absolutely amazing! That mirror against that wall colour make the whole room!!!!!

t said...

Fantastic! What an improvement. I love the mirror and the floral fabric.

Alana in Canada said...

WIlma--I don't know about being the best daughter, ever, but I do have the best mother.
Christina, Thanks!
Carol-Anne--I know, it's our statement piece. We were so lucky to find it.
t--As Mom said, we decorated the room to go with that fabric!

Wilma Hovius said...

alana, often the two go hand in hand :)

Alana in Canada said...


Mila said...

This place looks so much better now! Super stylish, moody and cute! I really like it

Kari @prairiegirlhome said...

I actually read your post yesterday, then had to run before I could tell you how amazing your room turned out! I am sure your mom appreciates her pretty new bathroom. That deep, rich wall colour, the mirror (Value Village!!), the sconce and the roman shade are my favourite things. Stunning! Congrats on a job well done! Now you can relax for a bit... until the next room makeover! ;)

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Wow! The room is fabulous!! I just adore the tile you used and the dramatic paint color!

Alana in Canada said...

Mila--thanks so much!
Kari--I know! total score. Thanks for coming back and leaving a comment!,
Lisa--thanks, I love the tile, too, now that I'm done putting it up, lol.

Jenny Kavanagh said...

Your story is so sweet. I love that you did this for your mom. The transformation is huge and touches my heart. I am with you on how stressful this challenge was under what felt like impossible deadlines at times. Many tears were shed over here too. But you pulled it off and from the looks of it, wow it was worth it. Great job Alana.

mollie's mom said...

So gorgeous and dramatic. I love that mirror!!

thefarmersdaughter said...

Hi. This is lovely.

Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful! I bet your mom is over the moon happy!
Gina in Chattanooga, TN

Vel Criste said...

Oooh-la-la and definitely GLAM! Love the roman shades and all the gold accents! Congrats and CHEERS to us for another room done!!

MMarie said...

Dear Alana & Mom,
It's already been said many times, but you've done an absolutely amazing job on this powder room! The transformation is almost beyond words! I love that you weren't afraid to go bold in such a small space. Congratulations for finishing it too, minus a little trim!

Absolutely glam and gorgeous!

Hey said...

Wow...what a transformation! I love the dark wall color with the accent tile. Nicely done!

Pat@Life At Lydias House said...

Now THAT is a glam bathroom and I love it! You did a wonderful job and I know that your Mom is loving it too!

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