Sunday, March 15, 2015

Goals: The February Review and the Rest of March New

Obviously, I am a bit late with this! But, I didn't do it--and I feel like I must do something to feel like my life is my own again. Plus, it is incredibly helpful to get back on track!

Let's review:

Yearly Goals:

1. Weigh less
--no idea.

2. Owe less
--as of today, yes!

3. Exercise
--not doing it.

4. Fix bathrooms

5. Decorate front and back hallway.
--Coming in April!

6. Sell books in garage
--see June and July

7. De-clutter/Organize basement storage area.
--in progress. (see link below)

8. Declutter and Organize basement pantry and laundry room area

9. Two new recipes per month.
--I was focused on finding a few vegetarian recipes. Lately, I've been focused on finding recipes I can make ahead and freeze. 

10. Begin the process to wire the house properly.
--um, does putting up a new light--and then taking it down because it interrupted all power to my daughter's room count? 

11. Spend one on one time with each child once a month.
--My son and I made plans but they fell through. 

Goals for February.

1. I enrolled in a life-coaching course called "Re-discovering You." It's a 28 day challenge in self-improvement. My goal is to do all my homework every day.

I did not do my homework everyday. I don't know why, but I just couldn't get into this course at all.

2. Sea Change (Leo Babauta's course) switched focus to healthy eating.

1. I quit drinking diet Coke for the whole month. 
2. I tried to keep a food journal every day. That did not go well. I only managed 10 days.
3. I introduced more fruits and vegetables to my diet and ate fewer potato chips and pie. That was good.

3. A Simple Year, another course I am enrolled in focuses on "Busyness" this month. My goal is to do all the reading--and only those assignments I feel may be of value to me. I do not feel like my life is over-busy. (At least, not right now. It will be a different story starting in May through to September!)

Wow. I have no idea how I did on this. Everything spun out of control so fast.

3. Laundry seems to be a huge problem. I am not sure what it is. Are we not doing laundry frequently enough? (likely) or do we have too many clothes? (also likely).

1. I started doing all the laundry on my days off. That seemed to help.

4. Clean the basement!
The first area I need to address is the laundry room.

1. Yay! I did it.

5. Paperwork.
Ugh. I have been stashing papers in a drawer of my desk for, oh, about a year. I don't mind doing this at all: I know where papers are if I need them. BUT. It is getting full and a lot of them are likely no longer needed. This is good prep for taxes, too.

1. See March.

6. Complete all homework assignments for Joshua Becker's decluttering module in A Simple Year.
  a. declutter car See March
  b. declutter two living areas in your home.
            bedroom's done! Dining room/study is done. (for now).
  c. clear all functional surfaces. done. 
  d. implement a "living with less" experiment.

I removed as close to 29 kitchen utensils as I could.

  e. begin tackling a hard to declutter room or area. (the basement.)

7. Take one small step towards writing my Canadian History curriculum for children.

1. I didn't do this. I won't do this. It is time to get rid of everything I've collected over time related to this, I guess.

The Rest of March:

There are only two weeks left.

1. A Simple Year is focusing on a module called Travel. I am skipping it.

2. Sea Change:

The focus this month is decluttering. I am not doing well at all. The instructions are to declutter ten minutes every day: I have only managed 7/15 days so far. I am so sorry to miss this! I suppose I can always start fresh and aim for 16/16 days remaining.

3. Paperwork.

I started on the drawer. I have to make up some files and then I'll be ready to collect papers for yet another year.

4. Paint Canvas in Dining Room/study.

Yes, I bought one! The plan for the dining room is now to paint the walls Blue-green and paint the canvas an even deeper blue green.

5. Choose colour for walls in Dining room/study.

6. Start new Bullet Journal and transfer items.

7. Begin planning in earnest for ORC challenge, starting April 2nd.

8. Declutter car and have it detailed.

9. Do dishes every evening before bed.


Marian said...

Sending you lots of encouragement as you juggle the extra work hours. I do hope you manage to adjust soon, and to start feeling like your life is your own again.

Just a few thoughts on your list: I'd really encourage you to continue to try to find vegetarian meals. I'm certain these would freeze just as well as those containing meat (not that you said they wouldn't; I just can't seem to keep myself from encouraging people to eat more vegetarian fare!).

With regards to your plans with your son which fell through, I'm wondering if you can get two birds with one stone, so to speak... Not sure where your kids are at with this, but far too many kids/young adults these days don't know how to cook. Could you involve them in the recipe choosing and cooking? For the past couple of years I've been asking my husband and 16 year old son to cook some of the weekend meals. My son, who could bake very well, now can cook with a fair measure of confidence, and these cooking sessions give my husband and son some good alone-time which otherwise might be hit-and-miss. Anyway, just a thought - perhaps your kids are already pros in the kitchen ;)

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks for the ideas, Marian! I do get the kids involved in cooking dinner. It is the "here is the recipe, there are the ingedients" type of instruction--and they are good at it.

This is one of the reasons meal planning is so important to me, though, because it give me the flexibility to put anyone in charge of getting supper and we all know we have everything we need for it.

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