Friday, February 13, 2015

So Good.

It wasn't supposed to happen.

I took all of these "before" pictures on January 29th.

At least not like this. Not today.

I'd vowed to get every single stitch of laundry done by bed-time tonight. (I won't have another day off until Tuesday so today was "prep for the long haul" day). I started up a recording of a webinar I'd missed for the Sea Change course I'm taking from Leo Babauta and away I went.

While my daughter was trying to get laundry done in this mess (and honestly, who can get laundry done in this mess?) the shelf came down and the box of washing soda spilled all over the top. So, it was relatively easy to wash this up once it was cleared off.

It had been one of my goals for February, but I had been working at a snail's pace--not even 15 minutes here and there, more like move one item from here to there, and oh! here look, maybe another.

Meh. I suppose I could put that shirt of my husband's away in his closet some day soon. Then again, he won't be needing it for another 2 1/2 months.

But, on a precious day off, I continued to declutter my laundry room until I found myself sweeping the floor and then clearing and cleaning the surfaces.

Unfortunately, the dryer was covered with spots and blobs of wood stain from projects I'd done last fall. I worked at them with paint thinner--while the dryer was working. Probably not the greatest idea. There was quite the smell.

I even cleared off the little project table!

Yes, I believe that's the same big black garbage bag as before. It could be a different one. Nonetheless, it comes in handy for old shoes and coats and things to worn out to donate and too big to fit in the kitchen garbage can.

Unfortunately, the combined smells of washing soda, bleach and paint thinner have left my stomach feeling a bit odd. And, other things I had planned to do didn't get done.

But the kids can vacuum the stairs and wash the kitchen floor, right? They have a three day weekend.

They'd better.


Paula said...

Sorry! I know it is not nice, but I was laughing, when I read how the fumes made you feel sick.

It is probably the way you write, I can feel how you felt (having experienced similar mishaps in the past) and I sit here and laugh.
We are so alike ... poor Alana

Above all hope that all is well.

In case something like this happens again, I highly recommend milk. the fatter the better, no low-fat-skimmed milk.
The fat "locks" the toxic substances.
My partner used to drink a pint or two when I returned from the workshop.
Of course placebo always works, not bad at all :-)

Alana in Canada said...

Thanks, Paula! Milk it will be.

Anonymous said...

I saw this on Hometalk and I know it has nothing to do with your post, but a month ago you were looking at ideas for your hallway. This might be an idea. If you don't like it, it could probably be moved to a different area and work there.
Gina in Chattanooga, TN

Anonymous said...

I forgot the link. DUH.
Sorry about that!

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