Sunday, June 8, 2014

New Clothes

This is so silly!

But summer is my favourite wardrobe season--always has been, ever since I was a teenager and realisd that summer's shirts and shorts were brighter (and cheaper!) than fall's sweaters and slacks.

I bought myself this sweet little top and culotte. I bought a lot.


onshore said...

You made me wonder what is my favorite. It's not summer. At least not the hottest season. On summer you cannot wear much, but yet I have to cover myself (I burn easily), it's sweaty and shirts get smelly fast. I think spring is my favorite. I can dress up with scarves and also wear colours which seem to be banned on fall :)

I really like that pattern on the top. Looks good on you.
You do not shop much, do you?

Alana in Canada said...

Spring is great. It just doesn't last that long here--and it always seemsto have a lot of cold, chilly weather thrown in too much for me to like it clothing-wise.

No, I don't shop much--not for clothes, anyway. It is very difficult for me to find things I like, that fit and that I can afford!

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