Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Picture Frames

I am in the last week for sorting through the stuff in the basement before we tear down the wall o' shelves to install insulation and beadboard behind them.

This is how the wall looked when I began the basement project in early March.

And that means I can't put off sorting through the picture frames any longer.

I counted what was here when I started. I had thirty.

It took me all day.

Fall Out:

Number of frames to repair: 2

Number of frames painted: 2,  possibly 2 more.

I have a little painting station set up in the launry room right now. It was a joy to just step over and use it. Yes, joy.

Number of prints reframed or fixed: 3

1) 1 set of 3 pictures. Hung in the downstairs bath.

2) A piece of artwork my daughter did. (The artwork is falling off the backing)

3) The upstairs bathroom artwork

In March of 2011, when I first posted pictures of this bathroom makeover, someone suggested I reframe the artwork I had hanging there to create a bigger mat for it. I bought the frame shortly after: but the whitewashing of the frame and transferring the artwork didn't happen until now, two years later.

Number of pieces of art framed: 3

1) a watercolour

The frame, matts and the art piece itself all came from different sources, and I had all of it on hand.

2) A photo of light on the water from the setting sun which I took when I lived near water.

3) A print of a place I used to live in Ontario which I found in a Value Village, here!

That church was at the end of the street I lived on. That building to the right was, ahem, my local watering hole.

Number of photos stuck to glass which need to be unstuck: 2

Apparently, I need to soak them in a tub of water with something called photoflo. (It's a mild chemical used in the last step of developing photos. I have to track some down.)

Number of pieces of artwrok I am passing on to my Mom: 2

These are needlepoint, stitched by my Mother's sister. When she's finished with them, I'll take them back. They are just so, just so, red.

Number of walls of art to be created: 2

Number of walls of artwork I can create right now (as soon as I get the command hooks): 1

Number of frames to donate: 10!

Thanks for checking in! Linking to Jules and the William Morris Project at Pancakes and French Fries.


May said...

That is the kind of job that is easy to put off, but feels so good to get accomplished!

Alana in Canada said...

Did I not mention how many years some of these projects have been waiting?

I found a bag with four frames and four pieces of artwork after I posted this. I know I gathered those supplies three years ago!

onshore said...

I have trouble with the frames too. You never know what size you may need in the future.

Not only did you purge them but you also put some to use and fixed some, that is really good!

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