Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fall Nesting Party

(This is our Highbush Cranberry by the garden. It turned early this year: there are still tomatoes on those bushes!)

Wow. It really is fall out there. We've had grey skies and rain this past week. We even turned the heat on as night time temperatures dropped to (plus) 5 Celsius.


But, hey, the best way to warm up?

Go to a party!

This one is hosted by The Inspired Room.

So, here's my first project: the Fall wreath.

Nothing special or unusual.

One of those messy grapevine wreath thingys,

leaves, (just a wee bit glittery for my taste, but it shouldn't be too noticeable from the sidewalk)


and a berry garland from Micheal's. (Took me 20 minutes to unwind the thing!)

I invested in these tools last spring:

It was just a simple matter of wiring everything in.

I like it. It isn't fancy or elegant or even unique. But it is cheery. So cheery, it brought the sun out for a few hours this afternoon just to peek at it.

1 comment :

southerninspiration said...

Goodness, it's still in the 90's in Texas... I so look forward to cooler temps!! I love the way that bush looks! Looks like you were busy with your garden!


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