Thursday, October 9, 2008

Happy to Report

I took the boy and the dog for a brisk twenty minute walk today, before supper. I converted a crock pot recipe so I could stick it in the oven (and warm up the kitchen) and we headed out.

He talked the whole way about his bionicles. I just let it go over my head.

I've made up a weekly checklist--for me--based on Bob Green's Best Life plan. I re-read phase one last night and it struck me again how sensible it is.

I want to tread very carefully with the boy. There are a lot of bad eating habits to change.

and hey,


1 comment :

scb said...

Yay for the walk you and the boy had -- even if it involved a discussion, albeit one-sided, about bionicles.

BIG YAY for the furnace. If your forecast is anything like ours, you're going to be very glad to have a working furnace. I just saw on the Weather Network that we could have SNOW on Sunday. I do not want snow on Sunday, or any other day in October, thank you very much. Back to Yay for the furnace!

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