Sunday, February 3, 2008

New blog

Since I don't want to bore you with the ins and outs of our homeschooling, I've decided to create a blog exclusively devoted to that. I'm not sure if I will keep it up, or what I'm doing with it exactly, but it's here:

It's School of the Sacred Cows

Just in case you want to know.


pudding said...

Hi Alana,

I wanted to send you and the other AT Curers a quick note apologising for the abrupt way I dropped off the face of the earth towards the end of the cure. This seems the best way to contact you, and wow, look at what your blog has become!

Anyway, in a nutshell, Number Two was born, a son. But he had some health issues and for a while I was angry at the world and retreated from all my usual pleasures and interests. Internet-wise, I cancelled blogs, closed message board accounts and generally turned the computer off!

Anyway, he's three months now, a beautiful, happy baby and we have a plan of attack for his wonky parts. I'm anticipating a long spell at home caring for him and my daughter, who is having surgery in March (two babies with fixable but upsetting health issues equalled previously mentioned angry at world attitude) so I thought it might be time to renew my Internet activities and get on with life.


Your blog is looking great. It looks like a daily must-read! :-)


Alana in Canada said...

Oh Phillippa, so glad to hear from you!
I'm so sorry your little one has health problems. My sister had a baby at Christmas and there was a bit of concern about his eating at first. So, yeah, the whole thing can really set you into a tailspin.

I am happy to hear the problems are "fixable" though--a trial but not a tragedy.

Anyway, welcome! And leave comments, even just "hi"--I get lonely out here in blogland!

drwende said...

Philippa! So good to see you back!

"Angry at the world" seems like a perfectly reasonable response, under the circumstances. So glad that everything is ultimately manageable and fixable...

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